Ryan Tannehill said it never occurred to him not to go after a fumble and place himself into the fray in Sunday's game.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel and others are on record as saying they don't want their quarterback in harm's way any more than necessary.

They don't like it when he doesn't slide at the end of a scramble, and they for sure have concerns with some of the hits he has taken in the 29 sacks he has suffered through 10 games this season.

But when asked about the fumble play on Sunday against the Saints where A.J. Brown recovered a lost ball for a first down and the oddity of that play, Vrabel turned the topic another way: His appreciation for Tannehill's effort on the play to try and get the ball back by diving into the fray.

Not exactly something you want with your starting quarterback, but it's just Tannehill's way he plays.

“I appreciate the fact that our quarterback is diving in the middle of the pocket, diving in the middle of the scrum, trying to get the football back,” Vrabel said of his quarterback.

When asked about his instinctive reaction to try and get on the fumble, Tannehill chalked it up to his competitiveness and team-first mentality.

“I was just trying to get the ball there. Obviously, you hate to see the ball on the ground. It was getting kicked around all over the place, I saw it go across the formation and was going to try and make a play. Thankfully, A.J. got on it there,” Tannehill said.

In a week where Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was criticized for his efforts in trying to get a loose ball and stop a defender who had recovered it, Tannehill just said his instincts kicked in.

“Personally, I just love winning. I know if we help save a bad situation with the ball being on the ground and maintain possession, we are going to have a better chance at winning,” Tannehill said. “You don’t want to be injured in doing so but at the same time, just as a competitor, I am going to try and make those plays.”

Injury report

Several Titans players were idle or limited at Wednesday's practice as they get ready to host the Houston Texans on Sunday.

Both guard Nate Davis and running back Jeremy McNichols missed practice with a concussion. Linebacker Bud Dupree was out with an abdomen injury. Linebacker David Long was out with a hamstring injury, and cornerback Chris Jackson missed with a foot injury.

Several players were limited on Wednesday including Harold Landry (hamstirng)(, Rashaan Evans (ankle), Greg Mabin (ankle), Kyle Peko (ankle), Jeffery Simmons (ankle) and Teair Tart (groin).