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A.J. Brown is the latest Titans player to go on injured reserve.

Tennessee Titans receiver A.J. Brown opened up in his first media session since posting last Friday on Instragram about his mental health issues that even led him to contemplate suicide last year.

“That was a dark time in my life, didn’t nobody really know. I posted it because I wanted to encourage others to seek help whenever they are down. I didn’t really take into consideration what depression really was,” Brown said. “I always just brushed it off, that is how I grew up. I just brushed off my feelings and it got the best of me. I wanted to put out a positive message that I am still here. I am still growing. I am still learning. I am blessed. I have a lot of things to be grateful for and someone was there for me. Reach out to loved ones and ask them how they are doing and listen to them because it is important.”

Brown said that he appreciated people close to him – including his college roommate Elijah Moore a - being willing to listen as he fought his way through the situation.

“It was Elijah Moore. He is more than family,” Brown said of Moore. “I love him like he is my brother. He is my brother. He is a special person and I appreciate him each and every day.”

Brown also appreciated that Titans head coach Mike Vrabel had an open door for him and was willing to listen to him.

“It means a lot. I appreciate Coach for everything. I try not to – I know this is a business and sometimes you don’t want to get emotionally attached or tied with someone because of the business side of it,” Brown said. “But I appreciate him so much. People like that, no matter how this business might go, forever I will be a friend of his and he will be a friend of mine. I appreciate him so much for opening his door and listening. Trying to help me as much as I can. It doesn’t go unnoticed to me. He is definitely family in my book regardless if we ever part ways down the line, I hope not. I appreciate him so much.”

Brown said lots of people have reached out to him since he made the announcement public.

“A lot of guys reached out to me and told me what I did was powerful. A lot of guys on my team sat down and talked to me one-on-one about their struggles, which we need to do more often. We need to look out for one another. I know we play this beautiful game, but life is beautiful too,” Brown said.

Brown, who has 41 catches this year for 567 yards, said that he thought long and hard before going public with his situation last year, but added that something came over him and it was just right to reveal it.

“It was a year ago that I had thought about taking my life. It was special to me because it just came over my heart that I wanted to share with others and help others as much as I can,” Brown said. “I am here. I have so much to be grateful for. I am blessed. I know I get to wake up everyday and play the game that I love, but I have loved ones surrounding me that love me dearly. I just wanted to help someone. Hopefully, I could save a life or anything.”

Brown, who said he sought and still receives professional help, said that if anyone needs help with their mental well-being they should seek it out, they same way they would if it was a physical ailment.

“Mental health is real just like physical health. You take care of your body when you are sick, just like if something is going on with you, you need to get stuff off of your chest. You need to talk to someone and seek professional help if you feel like you need to,” Brown said. “You have to take care of your brain just like you take care of your body too. Find ways to find a safe place for you, do the things you love and enjoy every moment.”

Injury report

Nate Davis and Jeremy McNichols were both out a second straight day due to concussion symptoms as the Titans prepare for Sunday's home game with the Houston Texans. Also out was linebacker Bud Dupree for a second day in a row with an abdomen injury sustained Sunday vs. New Orleans. David Long (hamstring) and Chris Jackson (foot) also missed practice for a second straight game.

Jeffery Simmons (ankle) got Thursday off after being limited Wednesday. Geoff Swaim (concussion), Aaron Brewer (illness) and Jackrabbit Jenkins (chest) were added to the injury report.