Kevin Dodd

Tennessee Titans OLB Kevin Dodd

By: Greg Arias, for TitanInsider

What’s up with Kevin Dodd?

The 2016 second round draft pick of the Tennessee Titans has been the subject of much speculation of late concerning his future with the team entering training camp 2018.

That situation took yet another turn on Sunday when the Titans announced that Dodd failed to “report” for the start of his training camp.

While veterans are not set to report until Wednesday, Dodd was to be present at St. Thomas Sports Park today because he ended last season on the injury list. Players who fall in that category report earlier to undergo physicals and to begin any further rehab work necessary to get them ready for the start of training camp.

It is unknown why Dodd did not report as scheduled, but what is known-though he has not said it publicly- is that general manager Jon Robinson will not be happy.

Head coach Mike Vrabel will also not be please considering many people believe some of Vrabel’s recent comments are either directed at, or certainly included Dodd when he spoke about the team.

During his tenure as the team’s general manager, Robinson has had success with draft picks. Players like Kevin Byard and Jack Conklin have lived up to their pedigrees.

Dodd has not and if he does not figure things out and right whatever issues he might be dealing with, either personally or as an NFL player, his nametag in 2018 could soon read “former Tennessee Titan.”

Some believe Robinson should make the move to dump Dodd now and find a replacement once other teams begin cutting players. Others think Robinson will give Dodd every opportunity to make good on the promise he showed that made the Titans take him in the second round.

The Titans are not likely to make a move with Dodd prior to the start of camp in Thursday, July 26th, and it might not even happen then. However, today’s events make this one of the biggest storylines for media and fans alike to watch as camp begins and unfolds in the coming weeks.