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On Tuesday, Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel addressed the situation of first-round pick Isaiah Wilson and the DUI he got over the weekend.

Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel addressed the Isaiah Wilson situation on Tuesday, four days after the club's first-round draft pick was arrested for a DUI in Nashville on Friday night.

Wilson blew a .107 on the breathalyzer test after doing “donuts” at the intersection of 25th Ave. North and Charlotte Ave. and crashing his Dodge Challenger into a concrete wall.

Vrabel said the Titans don't condone Wilson's behavior but they stand by him as a person and a player.

“We're comfortable with the person that we brought in here. Mistakes, again, we've been through this. Me personally, obviously kids being in college, coaching in college, there's good people that make mistakes and there's bad people. I don't think that Isaiah's a bad person,” Vrabel said. “I do think that part of what we do as coaches is to be able to get these guys to help us and help the team win, but it's also about helping them off the field and their growth and the maturity and the men that they become.

“Certainly we don't condone that type of behavior whatsoever. It's unacceptable. But as long as there's an honest effort to improve, we're going to put forth that effort as a coaching staff and as an organization to help any player with any issues that they have.”

Vrabel described the former University of Georgia offensive tackle, who is currently on the team's Reserve/Covid-19 list for the second time this season, as “a good-hearted kid, a good-natured kid. He has been since the time that I've been with him. He's been engaged, been engaged in the meetings.”

Vrabel did say that Wilson is at a crossroads early in his career and needs to make the right choices in his life.

“But again, having some setbacks and some adversity early on in any player's career can kind of go one of two ways,” Vrabel said. “You can make some positive change and get this going, or guys don't and they fade away. We're all going to face adversity in anything that we do in life. This just happens to be with football, and then the things that happen outside of it. So hopefully we can all come together and help, and Isaiah can improve and start helping the football team.”

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