Isaiah Wilson

2020 Titans first-round pick Isaiah Wilson has already worn out his welcome in Miami and has been released.

The Isaiah Wilson era in Miami was extremely short-lived.

On Saturday, the Dolphins waived the 2020 Titans first-round pick just days after acquiring him in a trade, taking a flier on him in a swap of seventh-round picks.

According to NFL Network, Wilson was late for his physical, late for a meeting with the Dolphins and failed to show up for two different workouts that had been scheduled for the team.

One thing is obvious as Wilson goes down as arguably the greatest first-round flop in NFL history, the Titans sure misread the tea leaves on this one.

General manager Jon Robinson stated when the Titans spoke of Wilson in the off-season that the guy Wilson turned out to be was a complete 180 from the guy they thought they had drafted last April.

Now, officially just six days as a Dolphin, Wilson has been told to hit the road.

Something is definitely wrong here, and even though Wilson was Miami's problem this time, he is still a stain on the Titans because they drafted him, and they are the ones who are getting zero production from a first-round pick.

Maybe Wilson was just one of those players whose heart wasn't really in football (See Dodd, Kevin). He showed that with his lack of work ethic and total absence of drive with his approach to NFL life.

Perhaps Wilson was just a problem child – a perpetual trouble magnet, who couldn't keep football separated from his off-field lifestyle that led to so many issues in such a short amount of time at the outset of his career (See Jones, Pacman).

Or could it be that Wilson, who many league officials called “immature” from his days at the University of Georgia, just wasn't emotionally equipped enough for the money and fame that being an NFL first-round pick can quickly bring. And such a circumstance also requires a certain dedication to craft as physical ability can only take a player so far at this level. (See Young, Vince).

Whatever plagued Wilson and likely has cost him his NFL career so early in the process, this is truly a sad tale that, barring some sort of intervention, seems headed toward some very unhappy ending.

Football or not, Wilson needs to get his life together, get the help to conquer whatever demons torment him.

Isaiah Wilson the football player could very well be done at age 22, having punted away an opportunity in the NFL that lesser talented men would have given anything to have had.

Isaiah Wilson, the person, needs to find whatever help he can get as he transitions into the next phase of his life, so that he doesn't waste the opportunity of life the way he did the opportunity of football.