Rashad Weaver

Rashad Weaver is facing an assault charge from an alleged incident that took place in Pittsburgh on April 18.

Tennessee Titans fourth-round draft pick Rashad Weaver is facing an assault charge in Pittsburgh, according to a local report from that area.

Weaver, an edge rusher from the University of Pittsburgh, was drafted by the Titans with the 135th overall pick in the draft this past weekend. The criminal complaint was filed on April 30, one day prior to the Titans selecting Weaver on May 1.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Weaver was charged in a matter that took place in the early morning hours on April 18 involving a woman named Demetria Navjelis, who was lying on the ground surrounded by people when police arrived.

According to a witness, the newspaper reported, a large man – later identified as Weaver – punched Navjelis in the head. Weaver was not at the scene when police arrived. Navjelis was checked out at the scene and released.

The incident may have stemmed from an argument between the two inside the Foxtail Bar, located nearby. The Post-Gazette story offered conflicting reports as to whether Navjelis had spilled a drink on Weaver during the incident or whether she had thrown it at him during an argument.

The report states that, according to the complaint, Weaver, “stated to other officers on scene that he had no problem hitting a female if they needed it."

On April 22, Navjelis was vomiting, the newspaper report said, and went to a local hospital where she was diagnosed with a concussion.

Weaver, through his attorney Dennis Blackwell, has denied the allegation.

Weaver is scheduled to appear in Pittsburgh Municipal court on Oct. 5 for preliminary hearing.

The Titans were hoping to steer clear of any off-field issues with this year's draft picks, especially in light of the Isaiah Wilson fiasco from 2020.

The Titans sent out the following statement regarding the matter: "We were made aware of this news this morning. We obviously take this seriously and are in the process of gathering details and working with the league.”