Taylor Lewan

TitanInsider photo by Angie Flatt

Taylor Lewan is back an wants he focus o be on football, rather than himself as the Tennessee Titans face the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Asked if he might be too eager and amped up after serving a four-game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance earlier this summer, he emotional left tackle said, “I’ll definitely keep my emotions in check and try to focus on just doing my job and having as much effort and consistency as possible and try to make sure that when they do lean on me for whatever it is they lean on me for I excel.”

The Titans offensive line struggled in losses to Indianapolis and Jacksonville, and performed OK in wins against Cleveland and Atlanta. Dennis Kelly filled in at left tackle in Lewan’s absence. Elsewhere, the interior o the line had problems with pass protections at times. Did Lewan feel like he could have helped remedy some of that? He wasn’t going there Wednesday.

“No, that’s a good way of letting your ego get in the way of those types of things,” Lewan said. “I mean, these guys have done a great job. I think Dennis did an amazing job. I would never take anything away from that. I’ve just got to go in and try to fit in, get in mid-season form and go play as best I can for Buffalo.”

During his time off, Lewan trained at Vanderbilt. He said being forced to watch he first four games was a times fun and at times frustrating – depending on the game result.

“The first game sitting there watching it was pretty cool, then it wasn’t. and then it was cool again. it was kind of the ups and downs … when they lost, it wasn’t,” Lewan said. “But it was just weird. I’ve never, since I was little had September off. So that was something to get used to and hopefully that won’t ever happen again.”