Tannehill photo

Titan quarterback Ryan Tannehill won't have Taylor Lewan protecting him on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers pass rush.

1. Get a pass rush. It's no secret that Titans have had issues with their pass rush. Harold Landry has just 1.5 sacks, and Jadeveon Clowney has none. Vic Beasley has not even been a factor, playing only 11 snaps last week against the Texans. Maybe they will have to manufacture some pressure with blitzes, something they have done much less of this year. But getting to Ben Roethlisberger and getting him on the ground are two completely different things. The Titans have to pressure Big Ben and come away with not only a sack or two, but perhaps force a hurried or errant throw as well.

2. Keep on trucking. While the Titans defense has struggled this season, especially on third downs, the offense has been rolling along at an amazing pace with Ryan Tannehill's passing and Derrick Henry's running. With the blitz-happy Steelers working to get pressure on Tannehill, it is more important than ever this week in the battle of unbeatens that the Titans keep the Pittsburgh defense honest enough to give Tannehill time to throw. The best way to that is to win first down, making second and third downs manageable and open to both run and pass. That will also help to protect Ty Sambrailo at left tackle, as he steps in for the injured Taylor Lewan.

3. Win the special teams battle. The Titans are usually top-notch on punt coverage with All-Pro Brett Kern kicking the ball and the coverage units, led by Chris Milton, being solid. In terms of field goals, Stephen Gostkowski has been Jekyll and Hyde this year. The Titans need the good Gostkowski to show up Sunday, because there is a good chance the game could come down to who can make kicks late.

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